Our 4 Step Process To Goal Setting For 2019

Goal setting tips for 2019.jpg

This time of year most of us are looking back and reflecting on 2018. What we accomplished, what we’d still like to accomplish before the 31st and how many more Christmas cookies we can fit in our mouths while thinking “it’s all good, I’ll start eating healthy in the new year”. We’re also looking ahead and thinking about what the new year will hold for us. We’re planning out what we want to do personally and what we want for our businesses.

I think goal setting is so important. Getting clear on what you want to accomplish in the next 12 months is what sets you up for a successful year. Of course, you also need to follow through. And that’s the tricky part. I spent years setting goals to only give up half way through or forget about them. But last year I finally cracked the formula to successful goal setting. I was able to achieve 8 out of 10 of the big picture goals I set for myself. I want the same success for you so I’m sharing my goal setting system with you below:

STEP 1: Set Big Picture Goals For The Year

Set 5 big picture personal goals for the year and 5 big picture goals for your business. Write them somewhere you’ll look at every day. I write mine at the front of my planner since I use my planner every day and pretty much take it with me everywhere. But you could have them hanging on the wall above your desk or even on your phone.

To give you a example, here are 2 goals I’ve already set for 2019:

Goal #1 (personal goal): Buy a home with my husband by September 2019

(this is actually one of the goals I set last year but due to some roadblocks that were out of our control we had to wait another year so I’m bringing it over to this year)

Goal #2 (business goal): Launch an online video course by June 2019

STEP 2: Break Them Down Into Smaller Monthly Goals

Now, you’ll want to break down each of those big picture goals into 6-8 smaller goals that you can give monthly deadlines to. For example:

Goal #1: Buy a home by September 2019

  • Pay off the remaining $___ of debt (by June 2019)

  • Continue to track all expenses and stick to my daily budget (ongoing)

  • Continue to put $___ every month into our home fund (ongoing)

  • Choose a realtor (by July 2019)

  • Get mortgage approval (by July 2019)

  • Schedule viewings and attend open houses (ongoing)

Goal #2: Launch an online course by June 2019

  • Decide the purpose and subject of the course and what it will entail (by February 2019)

  • Choose an online course platform (by February 2019)

  • Create the course materials (by March 2019)

  • Film the videos (by April 2019)

  • Edit the course (by May 2019)

  • Market the course (by May 2019)

STEP 3: Take A Step To Achieve These Goals Each Day

Since the broken down monthly goals above are still big goals and there are lots of steps to take before one of those goals can be hit, you’ll need to break them down even further.

No, I don’t mean that you should write out mini goals for the next 365 days. What I mean is that when you start your day you should plan to do a few things each day that work towards your goals. I personally sit down at my desk every morning to plan out my day. I flip to the front of my planner to look at the goals I’ve set. Then I decided what I’ll work on today.

I always write 7 to do’s for my day (Monday to Friday) and I try and make sure 5 of them are working towards my big picture goals. It’ll look something like the below:

Monday Goal List

  • Clear email inbox

  • Keep spending to under $20 today

  • Brainstorm names for the course

  • Preliminary research for online course platforms, find top 3 to test out later this week


STEP 4: Check In On Your Progress

Set reminders to check in on your progress as you go. Refer back to your goals often to make sure you’re on track and adjust as needed. Sometimes you realize you bit off more than you can chew and other times you’ve hit your goal way earlier than expected, so you may want to add a new goal to work towards or just go out and celebrate. You know that I fully promote any reason to pop of bottle of bubbly.

I hope these goal setting tips help you as you look towards 2019 and what you want to accomplish. If you have any of your own goal setting techniques, I would love to hear them. Please share them in the comments below.