How To Curate Your Instagram Feed

Everyone loves an Instagram feed stunner. You know the one I’m talking about. It’s the profile you haphazardly clicked on and next thing you know you’ve scrolled back to 2012, liked 40 of their photos and decided you and the creator behind this perfectly curated Instagram masterpiece are about to be BFFs.

Now, I’m not just talking about pretty pictures here. When I say curated I mean that it’s cohesive and it speaks to you visually but also through it’s written content. This profile inspires you, intrigues you, makes you want to engage with it and it feels familiar like you already know the brand and the people behind it.

We all want that for our own Instagram. Now, it takes a lot of time, energy and strategy to get there but we all have access to create an Instagram that, like what I described above, sells itself and is the envy of all our friends (cue Kanye’s The New Workout Plan).

I’ve taken the top 5 things you should do to get on the path to a well curated, aesthetically pleasing, strategically spoken Instagram account.



I create a Pinterest board with tons of inspirational photos, paying attention to colours, tone and photography style. Take your favorite photos and put together 2-3 moodboards to reference for all your photography. Refer back to these anytime you set up content shoots and shoot on the go so you have that style top of mind.



Know who you’re directing your content to so that anytime you post, write and take photos you have your ideal client in mind. When you come across that profile that speaks directly to you and you think, it’s like they’re in my head! It’s because you are likely their ideal customer and their content is created with someone like you in mind.

If you missed last week’s post, Uncover Your Ideal Customer, head over there now and follow the exercise laid out for you.



When you have too much happening on your feed, people get confused and overloaded. Aim to stick with 4-5 general themes for your Instagram photos that align with your brand. For Sunday Fox, I stick with lifestyle, fashion, coffee, landscape and design. My photos all fit within these general themes. If I suddenly posted a photo of a cat or of someone playing soccer it would really confuse people because it’s not on brand and comes out of nowhere.

Follow a similar rule for colours. I’m not saying you should only stick to a few colours but your colours should also flow well. For Sunday Fox, we love natural colours so you won’t see burst of highlighter orange, yellow and pink or firery reds. We stick to a lot of neutrals, blues and subtle pink tones.



Pick an editing program and stick with similar edits for each photo. Your Instagram profile will look messy and confusing if some photos are edited with a vintage feel while others are bright with heavy blue tones. You need to decide on things like tone, tint, clarity, grain and, whatever you choose, keep it consistent.

The easiest way to do this is through filters or presets. They're key to keeping your photos looking consistent and making sure all your photos match your brand - the filters or presets you use for Instagram should also be used on the photos you put on your website or marketing materials so that everything flows together well for one cohesive brand.

Lightroom is my editing program of choice. I've used Lightroom for a while so I created my own preset collections inspired by the photos from my moodboards. You can browse my preset collections here.



It’s important to arrange shoots for content and know what you want to get out of it before going into them. Write out a shoot list and get the props you need (making sure they align with your themes and colours) and create a Pinterest board as inspo for each shoot. When you have content shoots you get batches of photos that are similar and will again help to curate a beautiful, consistent gram.

Once you have your photos and you’ve edited them beautifully, use an app like Planoly or Preview to upload and arrange all your content. You can drag and drop photos to see how they look as a grid before posting, add captions and schedule your posts ahead of time.

For more Instagram tips to maximize your posts, grab a copy of my Free Instagram Checklist.