Uncover Your Ideal Customer

ideal customer persona

It’s so important to put yourself in your customers shoes. To market any product successfully you have to get clear on who your ideal customer is. You need to understand who they are, what drives them, what their challenges are, how they want to be communicated with, etc.

Creating an ideal customer persona is a practice you should become familiar with. A customer persona is a fictional character you create who represents your business’ ideal prospect. It’s used to better understand what motivates your customer’s buying decisions.

In my upcoming Business Fundamentals eBook we’ll deep dive into this and complete a comprehensive ICP exercise for your own business. For today, I’m giving you a brief overview and a condensed version so you can use it and apply your discoveries starting today.

So, how does creating an ideal customer persona really help your business?

  1. Offerings: Choosing or narrowing your product and service offerings based on what challenges your customer currently faces.

  2. Content: What types of content (blogs, photos, podcasts, videos, etc.) you should create to attract your ideal customer.

  3. Platform: Deciding which platforms to focus your energy on (Instagram vs. Pinterest vs. Twitter) and run paid ads through. Plus, what parameters you should use in your ads.

  4. Voice: Speaking to your audience in the way they want to be spoken to and in a way they will best relate to.

Depending on where you are in your business, you may be very familiar with your ICP. Or you may need to ask questions to existing customers or to people you know who you consider to be your ideal customer. Either way, don’t wait too long to do your research. Get started as quickly as you can.


Grab a pen and notebook and get scribbling.

Ideal Customer Persona Exercise

Basic Customer Information

  • Name

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Location

  • Marital Status

  • Occupation

  • Annual Income

  • Level of education

Preferred Information Sources

(they may not use all of the sources below, so choose a few and list at least 1 example for each)

  • Books/Magazines

  • Blogs

  • Podcasts

  • Radio

  • Youtube Channels

  • Conferences/Trainings

  • Favorite industry leaders

  • Favorite social media accounts to follow

Goals and Values

(relevant to your product and service offerings)

  • Goals - what is your ICP wanting to acheive in the next 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, etc.?

    (list at least 3)

  • Values - what does your ICP value most in their life?

    (list at least 3)

Challenges and Areas of Concern

  • Challenges - what challenges or frustrations does your customer face that relate to your business?

    (list at least 5)

  • Areas of concern - what keeps your ICP up at night?

    (list at least 5)


  • Purchase objections - what would stop them from purchasing your product or services? ex. they don’t see an immediate value, they’re too busy, etc.

    (list at least 3)

Now that you have this valuable information, look at your current offerings, your content, platforms and voice. How can you alter what you have to better direct it to your ICP? Maybe you change your website copy to highlight how your business can relieve their areas of concern, answer their objections or help them achieve that 6 month goal. Maybe you realize you need to focus more on Instagram than Twitter because your ICP’s are visual learners. Or maybe you change the price of your service because you realize your ICP’s have a high annual income and they place a high value what you offer (ex. if you are a personal trainer and health is on their top 3 list of values).

Whatever you do, act quickly. Make these changes and then ask your ideal customers what they think. Ask them if your new photography style makes them stop in their scrolling tracks to engage or if they feel that you’ve already answered all the questions they need in your copy.

If you love this exercise and want more like it, we’ll be diving in deeper in my upcoming Business Fundamentals eBook. Launching 2019. Remember to sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know when it launches.

If you complete this exercise let me know how it goes in the comments below!