What I Learned In 2018

Founders of X What I Learned in 2018.jpg

The thought of heading into 2019 is crazy to me. It’s going to be a big year - it’s the year I turn 30, the year we’re going to buy a home, the year my husband and I celebrate 10 years together (we’ve been together a third of my life - pretty crazy!) and the year Founders of X is going to change the lives of many entrepreneurs (I can feel it!).

Reflecting on this last year is important to me. It’s important to look back and feel grateful for the moments that made you smile as well as the tough days that made you stronger. You’ve gotta take the lessons you learned into the new year and continue to grow as an individual.

2018, for me, had some serious ups and downs. From family loss, health issues, friends moving and hitting significant road blocks to creating new connections, travelling, quality time with family, launching Founders of X and feeling like I’ve finally figured out my purpose, even if I haven’t been able to articulate and execute it perfectly yet. More than anything, 2018 has been a year of growth and I’m so grateful to have my husband, my family and my friends there to support me through it all.

So, for this final 2018 post, I wanted to share what I learned in 2018.

  1. Be selective with the actions you take and the ideas you see through.

    I’m understanding more and more that I don’t need to jump on every idea that pops into my head. I should focus only on the ones that stick, the ones that I can’t stop thinking about after four weeks, that tug at me constantly and leave me sleepless until I do something about them. Everything else is fleeting. Those thoughts will pass and fade and the energy I may have wasted on those is spent on what matters.

  2. Set financial goals and stick to your budget.

    A big focus for me in 2018 was setting financial goals and creating a realistic budget that’s easy to follow. For me, this meant breaking it down daily and actually tracking every single daily expense to better understand where I was spending my money and how to manage it. This is the first year I stuck to my budget and it’s changed the way I view money, how I manage it and how I treat it. I’m finally on top of my finances, I feel confident going into 2019 that I’ll be able to pay off the remainder of my debt and hit my savings goal. And I promise I’ll share my budgeting tips on the blog soon.

  3. Single tasking is key.

    This is something I’m still very much working on. I’m the ultimate multi-tasker. When I watch tv, I’m writing blog posts, when I make breakfast I’m posting to IG stories, it’s bad. Real bad. And then I get anxiety from working on too much at one time and not being able to finish a single thing. It’s the most ineffective way to work and it means I’m not usually present. So, I’ve been slowly working on changing my habits. I’m getting better at putting all my energy and focus into one thing at a time and being completely present in what I do. It’s something I’ll continue to work on in 2019.

I would love to know what you’re taking with you from 2018. What lessons you learned and what you want to work on in 2019. Share them below with me.